A downloadable game for Windows

Install instructions

Download it in order

1.) log.txt - (for saves etc.)

2.) fmodex.dll - (your computer/ antivirus will prevent this from being downloaded so, better try to adjust the settings for your antivirus/ computer)

3.) AAU.exe- the actual game (You need AAU.NVZ to launch the game)

4.) AAU.NVZ - the whole content (AAU.exe  will not be launched without this file and vice versa)

Reminder: If you encounter this error 

 "D3dx9-37.dll NOT FOUND or MISSING

Cause of D3dx9_37.dll Errors

D3dx9_37.dll issues are caused in one way or another by a single issue - a problem of some kind with Microsoft DirectX.

The d3dx9_37.dll file is one of many similar files contained in the DirectX software collection. Since DirectX is used by most Windows based games and advanced graphics programs, d3dx9_37.dll errors usually show up only when using these programs.


Follow this steps and DON'T attempt to download d3d9_37.dll FIX FILES from other sources other than microsoft it will just make it worst

And if you still encounter the error after doing all the steps on fixing it try downloading the latest DirectX files here:

How to Download & Install DirectX

Time Required: Installing DirectX usually takes less than 15 minutes, probably much less than even that.

  1. Visit the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer Download Page on Microsoft's site.
  2. Click the red Download button and then the blue Next DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer button to save the setup file to your computer.

    Note: Microsoft will recommend a couple of their other products after clicking the Download link, but you can uncheck those boxes if you'd rather not download them. If you skip downloading those, the Next button will be renamed to No thanks and continue DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.
  3. Complete the DirectX installation by following any directions from Microsoft's website or from the DirectX installation program.

    Note: This DirectX download will install on Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7Windows Vista, or Windows XP. Don't worry that it says it's only supported through a different version of Windows! Whatever DirectX files are missing will be replaced as necessary.

    Important: See the section at the bottom of the page for more information about DirectX in specific versions of Windows, including more on how DirectX works in Windows 10 and Windows 8, which is a little different than in previous versions of Windows.
  1. Restart your computer, even if you're not prompted to do so.
  2. After restarting your computer, test to see if updating to the latest version of DirectX corrected the problem you were having.

Tip: You can check which version of DirectX is installed on your computer through the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. To get there, open the Run dialog box (Windows Key + R) and then enter the command dxdiag.

Look for the DirectX version number in the System tab.

For additional questions about the game platform you can check this link: http://www.visualnovelty.com/help.html

Thanks!!! (ありがとう)



log.txt 12 kB
fmodex.dll 337 kB
AAU v01.10.18.exe 3 MB
AAU v01.10.18.nvz 134 MB
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